After Sales Services

After Sales Services

Toyota Products Factory Warranty

Warranty is the contract of trust between the customer and the manufacturer, which means “guarantee of product quality”.
This contract entitles the customer to a free repair for problems that arise within the warranty policies and period.
Toyota is responsible for problems caused by faults in material or workmanship within the specific warranty policies and period.
  • New vehicle warranty from Toyota is for 3-year or 1000,000 Km whichever comes first.
  • Spare parts are also included in Toyota warranty, 6-months warranty is applied to some types of Spare parts within specific policies.

FREE 5000Km Maintenance (THANK YOU CARD)

When you buy a new Toyota vehicle from a Toyota Dealer, you will be provided with a thank you card, which gives you a FREE 1,000 Km inspection, which qualifies you to have Free Oil change, Oil filter, and a car wash, at your first periodic maintenance after 3 months or 5,000km.

Maintenance Campaigns

Toyota Libya offers periodic maintenance campaigns for their customers, these campaigns vary from month to month, and they include promotional services of high value at a discounted price. “QUALITY SERVICE … AT LOW COST”

FREE Diagnosis Services

We offer a FREE inspection service to all Toyota Libya customers at our Authorized Dealers Network.