Author: mahmoud

Extension of Warranty

Dear Guest
If the warranty of your vehicle expired during this lockdown period
We will accept any repair covered under warranty of your vehicle for a period of up to
2 months after the curfew ends.



Expiration of Dealership Agreement of Delta Co.

We Toyota Libya F.Z.C. The sole and exclusive distributor of Toyota Motors Corporation products in Libya announce that our contract period with Delta Motors for cars and Spare Parts Import LLC– Al Seyaheya /Tripoli as an Authorized agent, has ended. Therefore to continue enjoying the benefits and services of our Authorized Toyota Dealers (Sales, Maintenance & Spare Parts) Go to one of our Authorized dealers below.


AL-ARBI AL-MUMAYEZ PLC, for importing Cars and Spare parts.
SARAB PLC, for Importing Cars and Spare Parts.


AL-MASAR AL-MUTTAHED LLC, for importing Cars and Spare Parts.


MAS LLC, for Importing Cars and Spare Parts.