Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your location ?

You may check out our Dealers page for further information about our location .

Do you offer finance (installments) system ?

You may contact your nearest dealer to find the best solution that suites your needs.

What is the Price of “car model” ?

We do not give prices through social media, please contact your nearest dealer or fill the request quote form,

Do you sell vehicles directly to consumers / End users?

Selling vehicles and spare parts are done via our authorized dealers network.

For Owners

In offers, are the parts included in the offer price ?

Yes included, we offer the parts and the service + a car wash (depends on the campaign )

Are all the spare parts you have genuine?

Yes, all parts are genuine imported directly from Toyota Japan with a six months warranty.

Do you have a warranty for all parts?

Yes, we’re offering a spare warranty provided it has to be installed in our workshop by our trained technicians.

how can I know the difference between genuine parts and counterfeit parts?

The cover or the external appearance of the part can be deceptive. They can imitate the external shape and colors so in this case, you cannot distinguish the genuine from the fake part, but they cannot imitate the quality of the genuine part in terms of materials and durability of the part so to make sure that you have the genuine part can buy only form TOYOTA dealerships.

How do I choose the engine oil type for my car?

you should follow the vehicle manually, or ask the nearest Toyota dealership.


What will void my Toyota warranty?

fail to follow the factory guidelines and perform routine maintenance. This includes oil changes, fluid flushes and other services. To be on the safe side, read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

What does my Toyota warranty cover?

Toyota Warranty Coverage includes repairs and adjustments related to defects in materials or workmanship, excluding normal wear and maintenance items. Coverage lasts for 36 months or 100,000KM whichever occurs first

Is my Toyota battery under warranty?

All Toyota batteries installed by a Toyota Authorized Dealership are covered under warranty for 24 months or 50,000km.

During first 12 months and 50,000km of service, a defective original equipment battery will be replaced free of charge,

After 12 months of service, but within 24 months and 50,000km of service, it will be replaced under warranty at a 50% charge to the customer.

Are tires under warranty?

A tire that becomes unserviceable due to defect in materials or workmanship will be replaced on pro-rata charge basis, charging customer for tread depth used.

Is towing covered by warranty?

An actual cost incurred for towing to nearest authorized dealer is reimbursed under warranty when a vehicle is inoperative due to a warranted parts failure.

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